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The Crucial Step You Must Not Overlook If You Want Your Staging to Have an Impact

What we have in today’s market are a growing number of “mentally exhausted” buyers. Hours and hours spent on the Internet combing through page after page of listings. And your beautifully staged home didn’t even get so much as a “by your leave.”

We’ve all heard the statistics but it would seem that most agents choose not to believe them. NAR tells us that over 80% of all buyers use the Internet in their search process and over 60% of them went to see a house they found on the Internet. Now step back one pace.

83% of all buyers rated “photos” as very useful and 60% of all buyers rated “virtual tours” as very useful. Now that was in 2006 – just how important do you think that is in today’s buyers’ market? Yet despite these facts, a tremendous number of listings have no photos at all, poor photos, no video tours or the links to the photos/tours are broken. It is a fact that without a video tour, the chance of a buyer spending anytime on your listing is greatly reduced. There are just too many properties to choose from.

One has to wonder why this is happening. Is it a leftover habit from the hot market days or is it cost issue? Or is it just a matter of laziness? No matter what the reason, for agents and homeowners who have gone through the process of staging a house for sale it’s counterproductive. Time on the market today is tough enough to beat without hiding your listing at the bottom of the stack.

Good business says that immediately after the house has been staged (inside and out) the very next step needs to be a set of “high quality” photos taken, at the very minimum. If the statistics are to believed then perhaps a video tour is the preferred option. Many agents who have worked with their sellers to get the house staged are utilizing video podcasting as a marketing tool. They then provide their customers with the option of signing up for an RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) so that new listings or updates are immediately sent to them as soon as they are created. And customers are getting these feeds on their web browsers, cell phones and iPods. How popular are video tours? Well, Google includes video clips in their organic search results and the video quality on cell phones today is truly amazing.

While many agree that staging in today’s market has almost become a critical element, without quality marketing it might just be an exercise. With all the competition out there you absolutely have to leave a great impression in the minds of the potential buyers and the quality of your photographic presentation of that beautifully staged home may determine whether of not that buyer ever comes by. Certainly 80% of potential buyers are out there on the Internet flipping through listings … think they are pausing on any listings without photos? Think they will stay long if the photos/tours are not first class?

If you want to learn more about the staging process and do it on your schedule, anytime 24x7, you should check out the Accredited Home-Staging (AHS) course from RealtyU that is now available online in a highly interactive format. You can learn more about the staging process by visiting:
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