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7 Tips For Successful Summer Staging

 By Andy Capelluto


It doesn’t matter what the “experts” say about the market – it’s summer, school is out and folks are on the move.  Now is the time to ensure that you haven’t left anything to chance.  It’s the time to embrace the concept of home staging like it’s your best friend … because it is!


  1. While standing at the entrance of the house you have just listed, take lots of photographs of the garden and exterior and especially the front door.  Download them and have a good hard look at what you’re dealing with.  This is your time to be super observant.
  2. Begin with the mailbox and work from the outside in.  Hopefully you’ve taken the class and have the AHS designation checklist to follow.  It’s very comprehensive and will simplify your task, empower you and make you feel and sound like the professional you are.
  3. Start by getting rid of things.  Yes, de-clutter and de-personalize the exterior as well as the interior.  Look to see where you can eliminate dead wood, and by that I mean trim, cut back and remove anything that is superfluous.  Guide your sellers in undertaking the job or call in a gardening service.
  4. Remove whatever is unnecessary – repair whatever is broken – upgrade wherever possible.  (Refer again to that AHS checklist)
  5. Pressure wash, clean and eliminate all remnants of seasonal wear and be sure to give special attention to the front door - it must look spectacular.
  6. Remember paint is the cheapest, fastest and most effective method to upgrade both in the exterior and the interior.  You could also ‘spot paint’ any walls, areas and features that could do with a little ‘facelift’
  7. Introduce seasonal color in the form of bold masses of inexpensive annuals in planters, flower beds and hanging baskets.  Planters flanking the front door using one color of one specimen will give that front door area the impact it deserves.

Use these and many other tips to make your listing outshine all the competition that’s looking for those few buyers.  The best way to ensure that you are doing all you can to close that buyer is to make sure you understand the basics of home staging.  You can do that by taking the Accredited Home-Staging Specialist (AHS) course online in the comfort of your own home or office on your schedule.  For more information on this exciting new class from RealtyU, take a moment and visit  And while you’re there be sure to download your free copy of the report “7 Deadly Home Staging Sins.”


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