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Outside the Box Has Become the Norm

In today’s highly competitive market it is going to take some “outside the box” thinking to set yourself apart from the competition. According to Jim Remley, author and creator of the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) course, there are many techniques that Luxury Agents use that are unique because of the market niche they work in ... they have to find ways that make them stand out from the crowd.

In his course he relates the idea developed by one ambitious agent who took networking to that next level. She invited her entire network to a night out at the movies. She rented a local theater, sent out invitations and even served popcorn and drinks at the ticket counter. Did it work? Not only did it turn out to be a great evening for her sphere but the local press picked it up and she got broader coverage than she planned, including a television interview and an article in the local newspaper. But more importantly she netted a number of new referrals.

This is not just some isolated idea as there are agents all across the country coming up with ideas just as creative. Another agent went “outside the box” and rented a large yacht and invited his entire network for an evening on the water. Did it work? Within six months he sold several million dollars worth of real estate as a direct result of the event.

“It is interesting,” said Remley, “that while we created the Luxury Home Specialist Course for a specific market, we are hearing from agents all across the country on how they have adapted a number of the strategies and tools we provide in the course for their specific market niche.”

The goal of the luxury agent is no different than any other agent in that the desire is to build a referral driven business. We all know that is by far the most optimum method of growing our business and agents that specialize in the luxury market are developing some very unique ways to maximize their base. To learn more about the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) course and designation, now available in an exciting online format from RealtyU, and how it can help you to begin thinking “outside the box” to lift you above the competition, visit this link
and take a few minutes to explore the opportunity.
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