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Honesty, Integrity, and Knowledge....

What you believe in and what you stand for may be completely lost on today’s sellers. The current market conditions are putting pressures on sellers that many are completely unaware of, let alone prepared for. They run the gambit from “losing some of their equity” to being “completely and hopelessly upside down.” Sitting down in front of those sellers and proclaiming your Honesty, Integrity and Knowledge may, in light of those pressures, initially be meaningless to the sellers.

They may be meaningless in the sense that until the sellers are satisfied that these elements are a part of you, they are most likely only words that they have heard from a number of agents. The differentiating factor will be your ability to “give them life,” and that is where your “presentation” becomes a “demonstration.”

The ability to demonstrate the value of your services is paramount for two important reasons. First and foremost you need to establish a “relationship” with the sellers. They need to buy into the fact that Honesty, Integrity and Knowledge are foundations from which you operate. Secondly, you are establishing the foundation for the “valuation” of your services. Unless the sellers firmly believe that you are honest, reliable and have the knowledge they need to achieve their goals, you are just another agent trying to tie up their home for a fee; an excessive one.

If you were to look at all of the pre-listing and listing packages offered in the market today you would see every tip, tool and strategy re-packaged in hundreds of ways. In the end they all work – but it’s not about the “package.” It’s all about the relationship. Without it you are just “presenting” a means to an end. So how do you demonstrate Honesty, Integrity and Knowledge?

Let me suggest that the best way is to do what 90% of all agents fail to do. They arrange for the pre-listing appointment and have most likely preceded it with some material packaged in a unique way to get the seller’s attention. When they show up for the listing appointment they are fully prepared to make a professional presentation … and that’s what they immediately begin to do. What they fail to do is make the demonstration of Integrity, Honesty and Knowledge their first objective. They are so focused on closing the listing that they fail to demonstrate their primary responsibility … establishing a “fiduciary” relationship. And how is it done?

It all begins with establishing the “best interests” of the sellers – their needs and wants. If that doesn’t become the foundation of the relationship then you have lost them from the outset and truly, your Honesty, Integrity and Knowledge are meaningless to them. This should never happen because the demonstration is easily initiated … “What are the objectives you want to achieve in selling your home?” Yes, just a simple question to make the conversation all about the sellers and not about you, your company, your expertise, your resume, etc. But asking the question is only the first step.

The second step is where the majority of agents fail … they don’t listen. Oh, they hear what the sellers have to say but it doesn’t register because they came into that appointment with the express objective of walking away with a listing and a pre-determined “method” of accomplishing the task. Sellers, on the other hand, are looking for that professional who tunes into their needs and wants, and then can demonstrate his or her commitment by focusing on developing the program that will achieve them. Your presentation won’t mean much to the sellers if you are not able to demonstrate your ability to work “with” them. And you aren’t working with them if you aren’t “listening” to what they’re telling you … verbally and bodily. Once you have established a relationship based on achieving “their” goals and objectives the sellers are much more willing to listen to your “professional” input regarding just how that should be accomplished. This is especially true when that involves bringing the reality of the market into the equation. Just remember … it’s all about the customer … it all starts with listening.

Demonstration, incorporated as the foundation of a professional presentation, is the key to validating your Honesty, Integrity and Knowledge. Successfully accomplishing that task is one of the central aspects covered in the Accredited Seller Representative (ASR) program offered by the Seller Agency Council. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively establish that all important relationship with your sellers. The Accredited Seller Representative (ASR) course is now available online and you can learn more about it by visiting here.
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